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The Business Growth Mastermind For Entrepreneurs

Savvy Mastermind opens again in November 2012.

Savvy Mastermind helps savvy entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business with a strong online presence, increase profits, systemise, outsource and leverage their time to their advantage. Members benefit from the private mastermind environment sharing valuable resources, strategies and breakthroughs, keep accountable and support each other along the journey.

“Fiona is a great person when you want to market your business and reach a world wide audience. Don’t try to do it on you own – work hand-in-hand with an absolute expert!”

– Rosemary McCallum, Vic


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Creating The Right Type Of Content To Attract An Audience & Increase PR

0:15 – Deliver information through the right channels 1:24 – New king of PR, relevancy 2:07 – Earning relevant links 4:53 – Checking on your SEOers’ methods 5:27 – Improve with Super Savvy Business and Savvy Mastermind Join me at the Ultimate Web Blueprint in May. Or, sign up for the contest and win a Read More…

Describe The 3 Day Weekend Intensive Savvy Mastermind Workshop In 3 Words

Check out this video I made as a remembrance of our first 3 day weekend intensive at Savvy Mastermind. If I were to describe it in 3 words, I would use 4: 1. Hard work 2. Implementation 3. FUN! What are you 3 words for it? Let me know what you think in the Comments Read More…

How To Get Barack Obama’s Autograph? Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

0:42 – Where to look for the best marketing strategy ideas 2:03 – How I discovered great content topic during a meeting with my clients 2:44 – Savvy Mastermind member asks Julia Gillard for Obama’s autograph 4:08 – The secret ingredient that got Bridget the signature of Obama 4:48 – Bridget takes it a step Read More…

The Rise Of Social Media And How To Use ‘Social Care’ to Build Your Brand

0:16 – Taking ‘social care’ of your followers on social platforms 1:12 – Tips on how to capitalise on the rising popularity of Pinterest 1:58 – See how many people are learning about & reviewing your business on social media 3:18 – Building your business through joint venture partnerships Facts About Social Media That Will Read More…

What Makes A Good Press Release Topic, Team Management Tips & Video Marketing Tips

0:14 – Should you still be publishing press releases to PRweb? 0:56 – 3 Tips to writing newsworthy press releases 2:04 – Team management tip: setting up a weekly battle plan 3:44 – How to increase the watch rate of your videos 5:26 – The Ultimate Web Blueprint returns in February! Savvy Mastermind clients can Read More…

5 Tips For Creating Opt-in Offers That Convert

0:24 – Why opt-in offers are a solid way of building a database 1:05 – Lies, desires, threats & solutions: formulas for powerful headlines 2:27 – What are the highest valued things people want to get from you? 3:38 – 4 things you can do to improve your CTA 6:04 – Adapting your opt-in offer Read More…

Holidays Are A Great Time For Reflection & Improvement [and] Tools For Business Automation

  0:12 – Sit back and think: what has your business achieved in 2012? 1:28 – The road to success is always paved with mistakes 3:03 – Manual marketing is effective… but HOW effective? 5:06 – Two tools to help you create the proper marketing strategy for your business Why Manual Marketing is Not Always Read More…

How To Work On Only The Important Parts Of Your Business & Systemising For A Lifestyle Business

  0:22 – 3 types of businesses: only one is a winner 1:20 – Why your approach to your business should be a lifestyle, not a job 2:08 – Does your team have a solution for roadblocks? 2:34 – Systems, lists and processes help you in 2013 What Are The Three Types Of Businesses & Read More…

Enriching Your Knowledge Base for 2013 Success And Tips For Pleasing Your Best Customers

  0:52 – How to keep your best customers satisfied 1:34 – Big picture questions that turn ideal customers into raving fans 2:42 – Take the lead in 2013 by planning in 2012 3:29 – Nurture your knowledge base to ensure your business’ success Attracting & Keeping Your Best Customers [AND] Choosing Your Rocks, Pebbles Read More…

Improving Your Online Presence With The Ultimate Web Blueprint & 3 Best Modern Tips for Business Systemisation

  0:14 – Business systemisation made easy: 3 tips to help you get along 1:57 – Using your outsource team to their full potential 3:11 – Having a strong ‘WHY’ gets you through the bumpy times 4:55 – Join the Ultimate Web Blueprint in its last journey this year! Great Ways to Systemise Your Business, Read More…